Stand UP comedy

We have been supporting and video recording stand up comedy in Bosnia. We have 18 half-hour episodes of great material with best stand up comedians from our region (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Monte Negro, Slovenia...). Soon we will schedule another 12 episodes recording session to complete first season of StandUP comedy.


Once there was this country called Yugoslavia. It is no more. Now, seven countries (or six and a half, if you want to be politically careful) live their own lives with some interaction going on. Well, stand-up comedy is one of those that are the most intensive! The reason is simple – the language. No matter it is now got four different names (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin) in spoken terms this language is the same. Also, our northern and southern neighbors, respectively Slovenes and Macedonians – all understand it. In short we operate at the market of some 20 plus millions people.

So, we are a stand up comedy gang, doing it – where invited! Please do not even try to figure out our local name Komedija s nogu, as it is by far the clumsiest translation of the English term ‘stand-up comedy’!

Naturally, we perform in our language(s), but, guess what; we also perform – in English! Our comedians made appearances throughout Europe and North America, being parts of the projects such as Seattle International Comedy Competition or Comedy Central Extra television format Stand-Up Express or participating at the Bath Comedy Festival. Would you like to hear us making you laugh – please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are very interested in going places.