More of Anything

Radili smo spot za Američki bend More Of Anything (Seattle). Video za pjesmu sa nazivom - Thoughtcrime je sniman u BiH i Belgiji.


More Of Anything was formed in June 2009 by Neri Osmanovic and Brad Burkett, longtime college friends. Osmanovic on guitar, was born and raised in Bosnia Herzegovina and moved to United States in 1998. He bridges a unique and intoxicating blend of traditional Eastern European songwriting with all out rock and roll. Burkett on drums, takes pride in being the band’s rock solid flare-filled foundation. After writing and rehearsing five demo songs for half a year, the band welcomed new addition on bass, musician and artist extraordinaire Brandon Blake. Blake's heavy syncopated bass lines, massive sound and creative influence propelled the band forward, altering their sound in many new ways. Brandon soon recruited Miami’s own Byung Chung on guitar, taking the band’s rhythm section to new heights. Chung is known for his traditional rhythmic funk styles that instantly added a more danceable element to the group. By January 2010, the band had cultivated a new unique sound that represented the member’s varied backgrounds and influences. In October 2010, Byung enlisted New York born MC Moe Betta to round the outfit’s sound. With Moe’s hype style, big smile and complex word play, they now had the storytelling MC they needed to engage crowds all over Seattle and beyond. More Of Anything is excited to present their international sound to larger audiences.

MoA band members:

Moe Betta, vocals
Byung Chung, guitar
Neri Osmanovic, guitar
Brandon Blake, bass
Brad Burkett, drums

More of Anything is an Eastern European influenced fusion of rock, funk and hip hop. More Of Anything strongly believes in the power of music to bridge cultures and strengthen community. A hodge-podge of rock, funk, soul, hip-hop, fusion and electronic stylings with their signature ethnic traditional sounds creates family friendly, high energy shows that leave people talking.